Pineapple Fumes

Pineapples Fields #1 (Dynasty Genetics photoperiod) x Sour Orange Diesel Kush (Mephisto Genetics Autoflower)

This is a FAST FLOWERING PHOTOPERIOD, which means it will need 12 hours of darkness to flip to flower. It is NOT an autoflower

Photo x Auto = 100% Fast flowering photoperiods

Check out Dynasty Genetics description for Pineapple fields, I believe I found his Pheno A, which is a purple hued, pineapple sweet sativa goodness. This is for the heady bois. (See below)

I hunted a couple really old seeds of SODK from Mephisto, I reversed a orange diesel leaning pheno onto the Pineapple Fields. This is technically the first step in a photo to auto conversion....I may continue this line in the future to turn it into a full autoflower strain.