Majesty Cookies

Bubblegum Queen (Nightowl) x Crinkled Cookies F2 (Nightowl)

Majesty Cookies was one of my first auto crosses that I created. I took an ultra vigorous Bubblegum Queen (Nightowl Seeds) that reeked of nose piercing chemical, cheesy floral funk, and crossed it with a rare Crinkled Cookies F2 (Nightowl Seeds) male. The Crinkled Cookies regular autoflower seeds were only available with the custom made Nightowl Lighter Sleeve drop, therefore only 3 packs were ever released and I was lucky enough to snag one of those three.  I took Majesty Cookies to F2 and then it was crossed to a beautifully structured greasy, lemon, gas Marathon OG F3 (Nightowl Seeds) which I coined "Checkered Cookies", the Majesty Cookies line was discontinued at this time and I decided to only move forward with the Checkered Cookies line.