Cherry Cookie Smash

Cherry Bang Bang #2 (Exotic Genetix) x Checkered Cookies F2 x Candy Smash

This is the building block breeding tool for my Cherry Bangarang.

These seeds were half photoperiod and half autoflowering, These seeds were used to hunt a "Cherry terp auto" specifically. It was not hard to find

It took me 3 grow cycles (1 year+) to make this cross. And that doesnt include my pheno hunts of all the other red pop strains I ran before the cherry bang bang.

Grow #1 Cherry Bang Bang hunt

Grow #2 Cherry Bang Bang #2 clone re-ran and pollinated by Checkered Cookies

Grow #3 Hunted the "Cherry Cookie" seeds to find a cherry female, and pollinated it with a super gassy Candy Smash to bring forward more gas and more autoflower traits

Cherry Cookie Smash seeds were hunted and crossed to Purple Spright, to create the Cherry Bangarang F1