Cherry Bangarang

Cherry Cookie Smash x Purple Spright (Binary Selections)

Cherry Bangarang is my first Photo to Auto project, it is my version of a Cherry Bang Bang AutoFlower (originally a photoperiod strain from Exotic Genetix)

This strain is still in testing, but from my extensive testing on previous generations I am expecting 4 main phenos:

Pheno A: Gas cherry (Cherry bang bang mixed with candy smash)
Pheno B: Red pop loud strawberry faanta terps (cherry bang bang)
Pheno C: Nose piercing sour cherry (cherry bang bang with chem candy dominating from the candy smash lineage)
Pheno D: Sweet fruit punch, EXXTRA sweet, like mtn dew code red and Tahitian Treat had a baby. (Purple Spright leaning)  (during longer cure of Purple Spright I found some mulled wine scents as well)

They are all amazing phenos, I honestly cant even pick my favorite.

I fell in love with Red Pop terps when I first grew Red runtz a few years ago. It is my favorite smell/taste even years later. I grew out many more strains that had red pop/strawberry jelly in their lineage to search for that specific terp that I enjoy so much. I tried many Solfire and Exotic Genetix strains such as bahama berry, red runtz, double bubble, bitties, fizzy drank, and cherry bang bang.

This is where I found my Cherry Bang Bang #2, it had the perfect red pop terps I was looking for, I really wanted this terp as an autoflower so everyone can enjoy this wonderful strain. I took clones of Cherry bang bang #2 and ran it again, I pollinated it with checkered cookies to start bringing that auto trait in.

I grew out those seeds and I found a beautiful photoperiod female that had all the red pop traits I was looking for, I cloned this photoperiod and pollinated it two different ways. Once with a matching male to make the F2 seeds and the other one was pollinated with candy smash. I called those seeds "Cherry Cookie Smash"

The Cherry Cookie Smash seeds were F1, but also 50% photoperiod/50% autoflowers, I popped nearly 40 beans, I culled the runts, and I removed all photoperiods (one photoperiod was cloned and kept for future projects), I was left with 10 autoflowers to choose from, I reversed a hawaiian punch pheno of purple spright onto the most red pop leaning cherry cookie smash mother.

I call this strain "Cherry Bangarang"

Bangarang means "chaos, disturbance, and mischief" in Jamaican, this is not your traditional photo to auto, this is my crazy form of "art", but the terps will speak for itself.

Red Pop typically does not stretch much in flower, keep that in mind when you are topping or training, I would personally let it grow natural and only top it if the center is getting much taller than the rest of the plant or if you have height issues.