Candied Zamango

(Zamango (Nightowl) x Chem Candy (Nightowl)) x Candy Smash (r)

** EDIT: 2/23/24 I accidentally posted the wrong lineage for this strain. I apologize, if anyone would like to exchange shoot me an email **
I wrote on my label "z x candy" and then the seeds sat for awhile while I was testing them, I thought it meant Zamango x Chem Candy, but I did NOT reverse Chem Candy. I looked back through my pictures and notes and this strain is NOT Zamango x Chem Candy it is actually (Zamango x Chem Candy) x Candy Smash (r)
The candy smash adds an intense layer of frost and gas, so thats a win in my book. But if you are upset email me and I'll take care of you.
This strain was still fully tested I just mistook "candy" for chem candy instead of candy smash. I am an idiot and I admit it
- <3 FrostFire

Easy growing, large dense buds that reek of candy chemical mango sweetness.

Expect an addicting nose piercing chem. One of my favorite wake n bake strains, nice deep head womp chem stone with the sativa zip from the Zamango, a wonderful hybrid.

Keep nitrogen on the lighter side if possible and watch it grow.

Frost/bag appeal isn't off the charts like majority of my strains if you get a zamango leaning pheno, but these terps will smack that mean mug off your face and lift you into a soft cloud filled with joy. Scoop this, you wont regret it.