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The Cherry Bangarang Reversal (pic below) was insanely colorful, terpy and frosty. Side branching reached as high as the main cola.  Selected out of 4 reversals, DONT miss this bundle, the price will double when they are officially released

These strains are still in testing but here is my notes so far:

StormBerry (Juicy Scoops by Alebrije Genetics) x CBR: XXXL structure topping may be neccessary, insane color, should be a mix of cherry Hawaiian punch syrup and deep berries

Tangarang (Double Orange x CBR):  Large size, mix of cherry and orange diesel,  some may have a cinnamon orange-y smell as well.
Double Orange =  Space Station Orange V2 (Nightowl) x Sour Orange Diesel Kush (SODK by Mephisto)

Nebula Punch (Blue Biscuits x CBR):  XL size,  lots of bud sites, cherry/rank cookie funk/fresh mint that fades to that blue microverse blue gatorade smell.
Blue Biscuits = Blue Microverse(Nightowl) x Checkered Cookies

91 Cherries (91 Grapes (Nightowl) x CBR): Shortest of the 4, but insanely thick stems, bud sites all over, sweet chem and cherry, probably the strongest smoke in this line-up
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